Alleged Nigerian National Invades Social Media

Posted by on April 9th, 2009

UnderCoverNote to email spammers: You’re so 2008.

An interesting post on Security Expert Bruce Schneier’s blog.  Long story short when there’s a will, there’s a way and social media has proven no exception.

We’ve already seen exploits on twitter via tweet tornado.  Now, Schneier helps us understand some of the simple ways some of us or our social-media-entwined friends and relatives might be preyed upon after instilling perhaps a bit too much trust in some of the household names of the social network properties on the web. This goes beyond chatting up a new acquaintance in an online community that perhaps isn’t of the gender or age group they pretend to be. This is accepting network invites from people we might think are professional colleagues or old college friends.

General spamming and identity theft aren’t the only themes being called back from the early spam days of yesteryear. More specifically, it’s good to know our old Nigerian friend that just needs a little financial help hasn’t changed.

I can’t wait for Bill Gates to befriend me on twitter or facebook and offer me some money for spreading his message amongst my networks.


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